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Covid-19 Song (doraemon theam)

zindgi bigad du,

ek naya sa symptom du,

work from home kardu,

me to, sirf ek virus hu,

me kisika sapana hu,

(you know that right!)

jo aaj ban chuka hu sach,

ab ye mera sapana hai ki,

sab ke gale me lagu,

aao tujhe bhi me chulu,

mahamari ban felu,

ohhh!! sanitizer,

ha ha ha me hu ek vicious virus,

covid nineteeeeeennn.

-Yash Suthar





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Suja P

Amazing creativity

Nidhi Dahiya

Amazing concept and very creative. Keep writing!

Riya Rajkotiya


Ishita dharwal

Loved this really so nice and creative of you !

Jigyasa vashistha

Aah this song i remember. From childhood.. It’s does have a long lasted memory just like this covid ninteeeeeeen has


Thank you very much for this funny and beautiful poem, I can not stop thinking about this song. The Doraemon song is one of the best songs of my childhood. I am sure it will stay in my head for another week.

Anushka Kapadia

So creative!


I see alot of lateral thinking happenings!

Reema Adhikary

That is really cute….. Nice, innovative and entertaining ❤️ keep writing more

Deshana Pragya Jain

This is just so beautiful!! I think you just described covid -19 rightly. This song is like the anthem of this pandemic. But I really wish you added a little introduction or conclusion stating its meaning. The lines are clear to understand for sure but as a writer I’m sure you will have a deeper meaning for it; It would be really helpful if you could add that as well. Just a suggestion!


Hahaha this was hilarious and extremely creative! The rhyme scheme could be made better but fixing a few words here and there but the idea of it is truly splendid

Meenu Jha

Damnnnn!!! The creativeness with which you’ve written ❤️❤️

Riya Arya

Its really describe the situation…
This song is like the anthem of this pandemic…

Radhika Saini

Full of creativity!

Radhika Saini

Keep posting!

Radhika Saini


Radhika Saini


Radhika Saini


Radhika Saini


Radhika Saini

Best of luck!

Radhika Saini
Arpita Tyagi

That’s a good stuff.


Very innovative!