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Child Psychology and Mental health in pandemic period

Child Psychology and Mental health in the pandemic period

COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have brought about a sense of fear and anxiety around the globe. This phenomenon has led to short term as well as long term psychological, social & mental health implication for children.

The children develop a feeling of sadness, anxiety, fear of death, fear of being isolated & fear of loneliness(especially when both parents are working from home). This may have very determental effect of psychological, social, emotional as well as physical development. During this days we can see lack of physical development which can also lead to obesity & lack of sleep because children have become more addicted to gadgets. All this have a grater impact on mental health.

To reduce this psychological ill effects of COVID-19 on children proactive and targeted intervention can be proposed: 

Parent, Pediatricians, psychologist, social worker, hospital authorities, government or non-government authorities and organisation which are set up for children have an important role to play in children overall development.

Concerning healthy behaviour children have always followed their parents. As their parents are the first and biggest role model of children. Parents need to respect their identity, free space, special need in addition to monitoring child’s performance, behaviour & self-discipline skills. Friendly interaction and communication between parent and children may help grow their relation more healthy. Absorbing children in household activities & family activities as appropriate will improve their self-sufficiency skills.

There are few activities like playing simple games, involving children in the kitchen, making art and craft or re-decorating their rooms or your home are the simple things which lift up children mood, create a positive atmosphere and also helps them in maintaining in their overall health (i.e.: physical, social, mental & psychological health)

People who don’t have much time can also give some kind of fun activities for their children when they are working. Children should always be appreciated for their work because this can encourage them to do more better.


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Written by Aboli

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Brinda S

Well written!

Laiqua Mustafa

Hey Aboli,
It is such a short and crisp article that conveys large amount of information. It is very true that children are greatly affected due to this pandemic. To reduce such effects on children , parents and people around them should ensure that they give them ample support during their stay at home. This is a wonderful article and hope it helps spread awareness among individuals. Waiting to see more of such articles!

Manasi Bhosale

Nice article. Keep it up!

Riya Rajkotiya

Amazing Article

Sushmitha Subramani

Children have faced severe repercussions of the pandemic. Nice article. Well done

Jerry Joy Mathew

Like the way it conveys a strong message in very less words. Activities and games for overall enhancement of children are indeed the easiest solutions to handle their well-being in this situation where everyone is piled with multiple responsibilities but it is also important to teach them the importance of exercising and playing out and socialising so they don’t become addicted to these short rewarding activities instead. Appreciate your work though. Keep posting such!

Shramana Singha Roy

This is sooo true! Its worth reading and thank you for sharing this. It must reach to each and everyone out there.

Leanne Rebelo

Hey! its a good precise article you’ve written. Very informative. It be great if you’d divide the articles into sub-sections and elaborate in point form a little more on each topic. So that its easer for the viewer to gain insight.

Aditi Dhoundiyal

Hey Aboli! It was absolutely crisp and precise.It conveys a strong message in very less words. It was really informative and helpful. Would’ve loved if you could elaborate a bit more on the topic. All the very best for the future!

Gourinanda T S

Hai dear. The topic Child Psychology and Mental health in pandemic period is such a nice topic and a very relevant one. This is a topic on which we have to make awareness to the parents. Nice work. I liked it. Keep going.

Disha Dhage

a must read! 🙂

Andrea Shannon

Amazingly written article.

Simone Morarka

Such an interesting topic! Well done!!

Simone Morarka

Looking forward to more of your work!!

Jigyasa vashistha

Amazing content